Global  Indian International School  Admission Policy welcomes all pupils for whom the school can provide an appropriate education.
As a general principle, and in so far as practicable having regard to the school’s enrolment policy, children will be enrolled on application, provided that there is space available. 

(a)  Application for Admission
Application for enrolment in the school is made by completing the school’s application form and returning it to the school office. In the event that the applications for enrolment exceed or are expected to exceed the number of places available, places in the school will be allocated in the following order:

(b)  Enrolment

Except in exceptional circumstances, children will be enrolled on application.

(c)   Pupils Transferring

The school will make every reasonable effort to facilitate a pupil seeking a transfer to our school. The B.O.M. will decide whether or not a transfer:is in agreement with the school’s Admissions Policyis in the best interest of the pupil
is in the best interest of the school
is of educational benefit to the pupil.The Education Welfare Act (2000) requires that information concerning the attendance and the child’s educational progress be communicated between schools.

(d)   Documentation

When applying for admission of their child to the school, parents or guardians are welcome to read the following documentation:The Admissions Policy Statement of the schoolA copy of the Code of Behaviour of the school
The standard Application Form of the schoolParents and guardians should note that the school has adopted policy statements in other areas of interest and concern towards the best running of the school and the maximum development of the pupils. These policy statements can be assessed in the school office on request.They include:The Health and Safety Statement
The Anti-bullying StatementThe School Plan
School Drugs Policy Fire Safety PolicyAnti Racist Policy
This Document states the Admission Policy of our school at the present time. It may, however, be subject to adjustments and changes in the future. Such changes and adjustments will be contained in an updated version of the School’s Admissions Policy.